Activities and attractions

Find in this section the main activities & attractions of Antananarivo. 

Get in touch with ORTANA (Regional Tourism Office of Analamanga), which regularly organizes guided tours in the city and around the region.

Culture, Heritage & Architecture 

Avenue de l’Independance

Soarano Railway Station

Place de l’Independance – Antaninarenina

Civilizations Institute – Art and Archeology Museum – 17 rue Dr Villette – Isoraka

Andohala Garden

Maison Jean Laborde

Photography Museum – Anjohy, Rue Andriamanalina Ravelomanantsoa (Behind the Etat major)

Andafiavaratra Palace (former residence of Prime Ministers: Rainiharo, then Rainilaiarivony)

Queen’s Palace (= Rova) of  Manjakamiadana

Justice Palace of Ambatondrafandrana

Ethnology and Paleontology Museum of  Tsimbazaza

Temples & Cathedrals

Ambatonakanga Temple

Saint-Laurent Anglican Cathedral – Ambohimanoro

Faravohitra Temple

Andohalo Catholic Cathedral

Andohalo Parish

Ambohipotsy Memorial Temple

Lutherian Temple

Saint-Joseph Church – Mahamasina


1st President of the Republic – Place de l’Independance – Antaninarenina

Jean Ralaimongo, the Great Nationalist – Avenue de l’Independance – Analakely

The Black Angel Memorial – Lac Anosy

Memorial for 1947 Insurrection – Ambohijatovo


Starting  from Analakely: towards Antaninarenina (intermediate town) or across the street towards Ambondrona (upper town)

Starting from Mahamasina: towards Andohalo Cathedral (upper town)

Sacred Hills *

Ambohimanga (= blue hill): listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site – Discover the remains of the Royal Palace (= Rova), Andrianampoinimerina’s kingdom and its village.

All around Ambohimanga: scenic views on the others sacred hills of Imerina and its ancient kingdoms.

*The Sacred Hills:

Ambohimanga, Ilafy, Ambohitrabiby, Antananarivo, Alasora, Ambohidratrimo, Merimanjaka, Ampandrana, Namehana, Antsahadinta, Kaloy, Merimandroso

Tatao or the 7 Royal dishes to discover at:

Table d’Hôte de Mariette Andrianjaka in Faravohitra

or  Tatao Restaurant – 22 avenue du  Général Ramanantsoa – Isoraka 

Malagasy Specialities:

  • Salty 

Romazava – vegetable broth cooked with pork or zebu meat

Ravitoto – stew composed of ground manioc leaves with or without coconut milk cooked with pork or zebu meat

Varanga – fried shredded zebu meat

Masikita – zebu kebab (Malagasy street-food)

Sambos or samosas

  • Sweet

Koba – traditional pastry of the Central Highlands composed of peanuts, flour, rice and sugar – cooked and wrapped in a banana leaf

Mokary – rice flour and coconut milk-based pancake

Mofo baolina – local doughnut or mofo ankondro – banana-based doughnut

Watch out for thieves and pickpockets


Analakely Market

Ambohijatovo Books Market

Andravoahangy Crafts Market

Pochard Market

Digue Crafts Market (nearby Ivato)

CENAM Crafts Village (67 Ha district)

Botanical and zoological Park of Tsimbazaza

Tsarasaotra Park or ‘Alarobia birds island’: ornithological site

Croc’Farm – Ivato: crocodiles’ farm

Lemur’s Park: private reserve of lemurs

AFT – French Alliance of Tananarive – Andavamamba

Fabrice Delannoy Showroom (Photography) – Lot 121 Ter rue Rainandriamampandry – Faravohitra

Hay Kanto Art Gallery – Multiplex Center Androhibe

IFM – French Institute of Madagascar – 14 avenue de l’Indépendance – Analakely

S’art (Art gallery & space – exhibits, events and concerts) – Lot VC 59Q, rue Vittori Françoise – Ampasanimalo

Les Goyaviers (Art Gallery) – 47 Rue Ratsimilaho – Ambatonakanga

Pierrot Men Showroom (Photography) – Tana Water Front – Ambodivona

Rijasola Showroom (Photography) – Faravohitra

Akamasoa: visit of the humanitarian association/village founded by Father Pedro – Manantenasoa hill – 8km from the city center – Mass every Sunday starting at 8:30 (duration 3h)

Atelier Dieudonné et Violette (decorative wrought iron workshop) – Alasora

Le Village (boat scale models workshop) – Lot 36F – Ambohibao, route d’Ivato