Getaways around Tana

Find in this section some getaways ideas around Antananarivo region.

Get in touch with ORTANA (Regional Tourism Office of Analamanga), which regularly organizes guided tours in the city and around the region.

Towards Eastern part:

Mantasoalake and nautical activities

Towards Western part:

Ampefyvolcanic region, Itasy lake, Lily waterfalls and geysers

Towards Northern part:

Mandraka (65 km up in the north): eco-touristic reserve

Anjozorobe (90 km up in the north): wildlife park

Andasibe: Mantadia National Park to discover the Indri-indri

Towards Southern part:

Behenjy: to taste its foie gras: a specialty from the region

Ambatolampyaluminium manufacturing workshops, hiking in the rice fields and scenic landscapes of the Central Highlands