Around Madagascar

From travel stories, to tales, to essays, to musical variations:

find yourself immersed in the Malagasy culture.

This selection will try to give you an overview of  what have shaped and continue to shape the history and culture of Madagascar,

its cultural diversity and the issues its society is dealing with…


  • Ancestral encounters in highland Madagascar. Material signs and traces of the Dead by Zoë Crossland
  • Baobabs of the world. The upside-down trees of Madagascar, Africa and Australia by Andry Petignat & Louise Jasper
  • Complete late poetry by Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo
  • Conservation and Environmental Management in Madagascar by Ivan R. Scales
  • Cultures of the world. Madagascar by Jay Heale
  • Dancing with the Dead: A Journey through Zanzibar and Madagascar by Helena Drysdale
  • Experiencing Rhythm. Contemporary Malagasy Music and Identity by Jenny Fuhr
  • Forget Colonialism? Sacrifice and the art of memory in Madagascar by Jennifer Cole
  • Guide to the birds of Madagascar by Olivier Langrand
  • Hainteny: The Traditional Poetry of Madagascar by Leonard Fox
  • Historical dictionary of Madagascar by Philip M. Allen & Maureen Covell
  • Hunting Pirate Heaven by Kevin Rushby
  • Lords & Lemurs by Alison Jolly
  • Madagascar-the eighth continent. Life, Death & Discovery in a lost world by Peter Tyson
  • Mammals of Madagascar: a complete guide by Nick Garbutt
  • Meanings in Madagascar. Cases of Intercultural Communication by Øyvind Dahl
  • Recollecting from the past – Musical Practice and Spirit Possession on the East Coast of Madagascar by Ron Emoff
  • Ritual Imagination. A Study of Tromba Possession among the Betsimisaraka in Eastern Madagascar by Hilde Nielssen
  • REVUE NOIRE #26, 1997 – Madagascar
  • The Aye-Aye and I by Gerald Durrell
  • The Natural History of Madagascar by Steven M. Goodman, Jonathan P. Benstead
  • The Rising of the Red Shawls – A Revolt in Madagascar 1895-1899 by Stephen Ellis
  • Vanilla: Travels in search of the ice cream Orchid by Tim Ecott
  • Verbal Arts in Madagascar by Lee Haring
  • Wildlife of Madagascar by Ken Behrens, Keith Barnes

Books & Photography (in French)

  • 1994 – Les gens de Tana by Elie Rajaonarison
  • Akamasoa, rêves d’enfants by Pierre Lunel, Père Pedro and photography by Rijasolo
  • Chroniques malgaches by Pierrot Men
  • Les couleurs de Madagascar by Pierrot Men
  • Mada 67, journal (2009-2013) by Pascal Grimaud
  • Madagascar by Gian Paolo Barbieri
  • Madagascar. La grande ile secrète by Françoise Raison-Jourde and Pierrot Men
  • Madagascar. Le grand livre des petits métiers by Stefaan De Wolf
  • Madagascar. Nocturnes by Rijasolo
  • Tambitamby by Karine Gougerot and Chantal Constant
  • tsanga-tsanga – Fragments malgaches by Jean-Marie Planes. Photography by Pierrot Men

Travel diaries

  • In Search of Lemurs: My Days and Nights in a Madagascar Rain Forest by Joyce Ann Powzyk

(In French:)

  • Madagascar: Carnet de voyage by Bastien Dubois
  • Madagascar: 3 mois de voyage sur l’ile rouge by Claire Marca
  • Madagascar. Stupeur verte. Carnet d’un voyage en forêt équatoriale by Stefano Faravelli

Comics (in French)

  • Chapeau noir – volumes 1 & 2 by Rafally, Narimalala
  • Comando colonial – volumes 1, 2 & 3 by Appollo, Brüno
  • Coup d’Etat à Tamatave by Pov, Dwa
  • La réunion kely by Dwa, Liva
  • Les aventures de Philou et Mimimaki – volumes 1 & 2 by Farahaingo
  • Les contes de morne plage d’après les œuvres de Malcolm de Chazal – with contributions from Farahaingo, Tojo, Pov, Dwa
  • Les mystères de Tana – volumes 1 & 2 by Franco Clerc
  • Lundi noir sur l’ile rouge by Pov, Dwa
  • Madagascar : Guide de survie by Christodule
  • Méga complots à Tana by Pov, Dwa
  • Sous le tamarinier de Betioky by Geneviève Marot
  • Tana Blues by Ndrematoa
  • Tangala – volumes 1 & 2 by Tojo
  • Vazahabe ! by Denis Vierge
  • Erick Manana: ba-gasy (guitar)
  • Dama (from Mahaleo band): folk, ba-gasy (guitar, kabosy, harmonica)
  • D’Gary (acoustic guitar)
  • Jaojoby: salegy
  • Jean Emilien (harmonica, kabosy)
  • Justin Vali (valiha): World music
  • Mahaleo: tsentsigat/ folk (guitar, kabosy, sodina, harmonica)
  • Malagasy Blues: blues
  • Mikea: beko n blues
  • Mily Clement: salegy
  • Ny Malagasy Orkestra: folk
  • Olombelo Ricky: World music (Bands: RICKY and VAZIMBA)
  • Rajery (valiha): World music
  • Rakoto Frah: Traditional music (sodina)
  • Régis Gizavo: World music (accordion)
  • Samoëla: folk fusion and roots
  • Silo: jazz, world jazz, blues
  • Solomiral: jazz
  • Vahömbey: blues
  • Ady Gasy – The Malagasy Way by Lova Nantenaina – 2014
  • Alina – All night away by Franco Clerc – 2018
  • Angano…Angano… Nouvelles de Madagascar by Marie-Clemence and Cesar Paes – 2007
  • Fahavalo by Marie-Clemence Andriamonta Paes and Cesar Paes – 2018
  • Fenêtre animée sur Madagascar – 4 short movies by Fabrice M. and Jiva E. Razafindralambo – 2009
  • L’opéra du bout du monde by Marie-Clemence et Cesar Paes – 2013
  • Mahaleo by Paes and Rajaonarivelo – 2005
  • Madagascar, Carnet de Voyage by Bastien Dubois – 2009
  • Quand les étoiles rencontrent la mer by Raymond Rajaonarivelo – 2010
  • Rendala, le Mikea by Alain Rakotoarisoa – 2016
  • Tabataba by Raymond Rajaonarivelo – 2010
  • Tankafatra (Madagascar authentique) by Hery A. Rasolo – 2005
  • Songs for Madagascar by Cesar Paes – 2017
  • Zanaka. Ainsi parlait Félix by Lova Nantenaina – 2018

France Culture documentaries: Ville-Mondes by Catherine Liber