Antananarivo or Tana


Economic, political and cultural capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo is also the capital of the Highlands region.
Once known as Analamanga (= blue forest) and inhabited by the Vazimbas, the king Andrianjaka drove them out of the Imerina territory and proclaimed this capital under the name of Antananarivo (Tanana-arivo = city-of-thousands) – with reference to the thousand of warriors he positioned at the surroundings to defend the city.

By the end of the XVIIIthcentury, the king Andrianampoinimerina (= the lord who reigns at the heart of Iberian) unifies the Iberian territory.
Land of the Merina tribe, the city boasts a cosmopolitan and multicultural population.

Build on 12 sacred hills*, the city is divided into 6 districts and 3 historic parts:

  • Upper town: Ambondrona, Faravohitra
  • Intermediate town: Antaninarenina, Isoraka
  • Downtown: Analakely, Tsaralalana, Ampasamadinika, Anosy

Across its historic remains, typical red-brick houses, picturesque walks, colourful market stalls, tasty gastronomy, vibrant streets, rhythmic music and sounds, Metis facial features: take your time to discover its thousand of faces and facets. The city will pour its heart and soul out